Sculpt Your Ideal Body

Sculpt away that stubborn body fat for good!

Sometimes, no amount of diet and exercise can get rid of certain body fat. It just seems to linger no matter what, which is why The Youth Fountain proudly offers a variety of body sculpting services for Freehold, NJ residents including Trusulpting 3D, EmSculpt, SecretRF, CoolSculpting, Mesotherapy, and PICO Genesis.

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It's Your Body.
Make It Your Own.

Look Younger & More Radiant

Drooping folds of skin and flab along with wrinkles can add years to your appearance. But our service can target these specific issues and help you look younger and more radiant. It's more effective than any cream out there and completely non-invasive and non-surgical.

Lose Fat & Build Muscle

Some fat is nearly impossible to eliminate with diet and exercise. But our body sculpting services eliminate the fat using laser technology, giving you the body you want and helping you build muscles. In short, it's a better way for Freehold, NJ residents to get the body they've always wanted.

Reduce Discoloration

Splotchy patches? Dark spots? Discolorations? Our service canhelp eliminate those discolorations and give you smoother, clearer, unblemished and beautiful skin.

Tone Your Buttocks

The buttocks are some of the hardest parts of the body to tone. But with our sculpting professionals, it's easier to get the toned, firm look that you want and make jaws hit the floor.


The Right Body Sculpting for You



EmSculpt goes beyond just eliminating fat and actually helps you build muscle and sculpt your body into a toned, fit version of yourself. It also offers a buttock toning procedure that is one of a kind and completely non-invasive.

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Coolsculpting is a fat eliminating method that uses freezing technology to freeze away unwanted fat. It's worked for more than 6 million people and is a one of a kind treatment that could be perfect for your needs as well.

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TruSculpting 3D

TruSculpting 3D

Trusculpt 3D uses non-invasive techniques to deliver targeted sculpting of problem areas. Its multi-dimensional approach means that fat cells are eliminated in the shortest possible treatment time with better comfort during the process.

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This body sculpting solution uses a micro needling system that provides tissue coagulation and hemostasis that helps remodel collagen and revitalize your skin's appearance. In short, it helps you look younger and more stunning than ever.

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This 2 in one aesthetic laser procedure helps revitalize the skin, giving you younger looking skin and a healthier appearance overall. sessions are fast noninvasive, results can be seen as few two treatments.

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By using injections of vitamins, hormones, plant extracts, and enzymes, this technique can help tighten the skin, remove excess fat, and fade those stubborn wrinkles and lines away, giving you the youthful look you've always wanted.

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Your Doctors

Expertise in Body Sculpting

Dr. Emil Shakov, MD, FACS - Hair Transplant Surgeon

Emil Shakov, MD, FACS

Dr. Emil Shakov is a board-certified surgeon trained in Bariatrics, Advanced GI, and Minimally Invasive Surgery. He's an expert in minimally invasive facelifts, dermal filler treatments, Botox, and other youth-defying treatments.

Dr. Rada Shakov, MD

Rada Shakov, MD

Dr. Rada Shakov is a board-certified gastroenterologist who specializes in that branch of medicines as well as in aesthetic treatments including CoolSculpting, Ultherapy, weight loss programs, plasma facelifts, and more.

"Dr. Shakov is an excellent doctor. I highly recommend him for any aesthetic procedures. I had a birth mark removed and laser hair removal. He made both uncomfortable procedures as comfortable as possible!"
How It Works

Helping You Craft Your Body


In-Office Consultation

We begin every relationship by learning more about your goals and what you want to accomplish, along with an examination of your body.


Create Your Plan

We work with you to pick the right treatment options to help reach your goals, creating a clear plan to achieve the body you want.


Begin Sculpting

Once we're in agreement, we start sculpting your body. We use the treatments we discussed and set up ongoing treatments to ensure that you reach your goals effectively and as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Option Is Right For Me?

    This is exactly why we start every relationship with a client by talking to them and reviewing their body and their overall goals. This way, we can determine exactly which of our many procedures are the right ones to help them reach their goals. In some instances, multiple processes may be the right solution.

  • Does It Hurt?

    This depends upon the procedure and the patient, but in general none of our treatments come with major pain. Some mild pressure or discomfort may occur with some patients, but in terms of pain, our patients agree that there is nothing to worry about - and compared to surgery, pain through our procedures is non-existent.

  • What is the Recovery Time?

    Recovery times are practically instant. Certain procedures may leave you sore or tender for a few hours, but there is no traditional surgical recovery time and you'll walk right out of our clinic as soon as your 20 to 40-minute session is completed, feeling great and looking amazing as well.

  • How Long Before I See Results?

    This varies greatly. With certain procedures, you could start seeing results immediately or within as little as two or three treatments. In other cases, it may take several treatments. Each body is different, but you can expect to get real results quickly once you start letting our professionals handle your sculpting needs.

  • What Can I Do To Improve The Process?

    To really get the best body and the best you, it's often in your best interests to use exercise and nutrition plans to help you get in shape and look and feel your best. Our services can have a huge impact on your body's overall tone, but by adopting a healthy lifestyle you'll get even better results.

  • Very pleased with the result of my treatment for facial hair removal.

  • I was nervous about my first visit and about switching doctors, and was so pleasantly surprised with [Dr. Emil's] kindness, professionalism, caring, thorough examination, and vast knowledge...

  • I had a great experience. Dr. Shakov is very friendly and informative.

  • I am currently in the middle of Dr. Shakov’s hair removal procedure and I am way more than happy with the entire experience! I recommend Dr. Shakov to anybody and everybody!

  • My father had a great experience with the doctor and I would recommend him for your general surgical needs. Entire family was very happy with him.

  • Addressed all my concerns. Took his time explaining everything.

  • My husband and I have both had surgery with Dr. Shakov in the last month. We consider him to be a kind caring individual. He spoke to you in Layman’s terms and answered all questions with much patience.

  • I found my visit very informative...Dr.Shakov was very professional and explained what he was doing from beginning to end. He also had a very nice personality.

  • Dr. Shakov is very attentive and shows great professionalism and concern to the patient. Will return myself and advise my friends and relatives to see and have the procedures done by Dr. Shakov.

  • Dr. Shakov is an excellent doctor. I highly recommend him for any aesthetic procedures. I had a birth mark removed and laser hair removal. He made both uncomfortable procedures as comfortable as possible!

  • Addressed all my concerns in a compassionate way. Explained procedure thoroughly. Great bedside manner! Thank you Dr Shakov for a great experience!